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3 Megapixel Traffic Camera

11 July 2020

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Key features

• ANPR E-police all-in-one camera monitoring 18-25m
 Built-in HD camera (built-in polarization mirror switching module), connecting terminal, easy to install and debug
 High performance CCD image sensor, high color reduction degree, high sensitivity
 Adopt high performance Image Signal Processing (ISP)
 Adopt H.264 standard HD Video Format and 25fps HD Video Frame Rate
 Embedded integration component design, built-in a variety of algorithms, such as license
• plate recognition, color recognition, velocity measurement by video and so on Speed range : 0 to 200 km/hr
 Precise synchronization signal input and output control
 Rich variety of signal, data and communication interface
 Embedded lamp, cooling-fan, heater, anti-thunder to make the installation easier
 Saving 30% power consumption compared to traditional solutions
 Built-in thunder-proof module to bear lightning stroke up to 6KV
 Temperature -40°C~+80°C, Humidity 10%~90%, suitable for the rough work scene


Download : Datasheet