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Enterprise IP Video Recording Appliance

07 March 2022

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Shogun SG-7000 Series is integrated computing storage system for AI applications that supports both computing and storage services. EVi is equipped with the Windows sperating system, allowing users to install various AI-related applications.
SG-7000 Series rackmount model that can be installed with a surveillance image analysis software like BriefCam to precisely search a certain object in hundreds of hours of video. It can also be installed with a media asset management software. In addition to meeting the requirement of large-capacity media asset storing, media editors can also use AI-related services, such as content review, celebrity recognition, object, scene, and activity detection when searching for media files, which significantly improves work efficiency. In the application of Smart Medical Imaging System (PACS), EVi provides necessary capacity for storing large medical images: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc. Moreover, it can support AI-related services, such as medical diagnostic imaging to assist doctors in making more accurate diagnoses.


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