Fiber CN288 (EG/ST)
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Outdoor Fiber Cabinet (Electro Galvanized/Stainless Steel)

21 February 2024

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288 Cores Outdoor Fiber Optic Cross Connect Cabinet is Interface equipment for backbone cable and wiring cable nodes in fiber optic networks. It is mainly used for outdoor cable connection with IP65 rating, wiring and scheduling, and through the optical fiber connector and jumper cable and cable in the core of the flexible connection.

Key features

• Use as cable termination, Splicing, and distribution
• Provide build in Push Handle Lock at front door with master-key (optional)
• Bottom have 3/4" and 1" hole size for bringing in/out cables (in/out cable) avaliable
• Have slide-tray able to slide in-out or another type for convenience in installation, maintenance and repair
• Have modular tray support up to 24 core LC/UPC, Duplex connector per unit
• Modular tray can be order as one or double layer for seperate cable and connection.
• Provide cable guide inside the cabinet for manages all the cable
• There are points for fixing cables, storing cables, and a cable gland for locking cables


Download : Datasheet