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Rack Mount Drawer, 3 Snap plate, 1-72 Fiber

30 March 2019

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The Wall and Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures are designed to provide optimal protection for your fiber optic applications. The enclosures special designed for protect animal. Another unique feature is the adjustable fiber routing channels.Each fiber channel can be individually adjust to provide ample fiber storage which helps maintain minimum bend radius requirements. Integrated anchoring points provide an excellent form of cable management and cable routing. And it easy to add or change connection type as well. Can be use with multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic adaptor in the same panel.


• Made from Electro galvanize sheet steel
• Suitable for installation in 19” standard rack
• Support up to 36-port SC, ST connector or 72-port LC connector
• Support up to 3 snap-plate
• Drawer is bearing can be slide-out easy to install and maintain 
• Cover with Label made from Light Polycarbonate
• Backside has space for store cable, and when the tray is slide-out, cable cannot be moved
• Uses with all type of Shogun fiber optic adapter snap plate
• Provide Full Moon Cable Routing (internal management ring) to control internal wiring for direct connecting and changing to Splice Tray for fusion splicing
• Supply with cable gland, screw, cage nut and label complies with TIA/EIA standard