Enterprise NVR

12 July 2020

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DSS7016-S2 is a powerful surveillance system preloaded with Linux-optimized DSS Pro software, which has high performance and scalability. It supports up to 2000 network cameras and extend the devices by distribution. And it supports 3.5”chassis with up to 15 hot plug hard drives for center storage which provides a very powerful all-in-one solution for projects

High Performance&Reliability

• Supports 3.5”chassis with up to 15 hot plug hard drives and extend the storage via ISCSI
• Supports up to 2000 video channels per server and it can extend the devices by distribution system
• Backup the database automatically and manually, when something wrong happens, it can recover qucikly
• Hot standby application of two servers will keep the system 7*24h stable operation

Key features

• Embedded Linux
• Intel i5-6600, 64 bits 4 Core Processor
• 8GB Memory
• Support up to 512 IP and 2000 channels
• Support up to 64 Face recognition camera Per Server
• Support up to 64 ANPR camera Per Server
• Support 15 HDD disks (3.5") for Video or Picture storage (Max. 200TB per server)
• Redundant Power Supply
• 3 HDMI / 1 VGA ports simultaneous video output
4 USB Ports (2 Rear USB 3.0 , 2 Front USB 2.0)
• Standard 19-inch rack mount


Download : Datasheet