Single phase model with NPE mode

08 November 2020

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Shogun’s series of power line surge suppression products (BCM25 models) have been specially developed to match the protection requirement of surge protection on AC line low voltage application according to the recommendation of various standards such as IEC, UL etc. BCM25 models are available for both shunt protection and series protection with high capability in suppressing both short duration (impulse voltage limiting) and long duration surge that could occur in power lines.BCM25 models use the high energy handling Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) device which offers greater protection capability, higher surge rating, faster response time, and longer operational life. Models available for single phase and three phase systems and level of protection by means of surge rating can reach up to 50kA per phase at 8/20us standard lightning waveform.


Download : Datasheet